Groin Surgery

There are multitude causes of groin pain and treatment will vary depending on the root cause of the chronic pain. In some cases, surgeries of groin pain would be necessary in order to prevent the further development of complications. Preservation is also another reason why the doctor orders surgeries of groin pain.

Conditions Requiring Surgeries Of Groin Pain

Sports related injuries might require the performance of surgical treatment. This depends on the extent of damage inflicted on a certain individual.

Sports Hernia

Also known as athletic pubalgia, sports hernia was once referred to as Gilmore’s Groin during 1980 and Sportsman’s Groin in 1992. In this condition pain is prominent in the lower abdomen particularly in the abdominal muscles that connects the leg and the pelvis. In definition, sports hernia is considered as a tear and weakness in any of these muscles.

Surgery is often suggested after proper diagnosis is concluded usually by means of x-ray tests. This is often the last option if the condition does not improve even after the recommended 6-week rehabilitative therapy. The aim of the surgery is to repair the damaged muscle and tendons through the application of a thin mesh to provide support for the affected muscle.

Adductor Groin Surgery or Adductor Release Surgery

When the tendon of the adductor longus in the thigh gets irritated and inflamed usually due to sports acquired injuries, it will cause insistent groin pain combined with lower abdominal pain.

Surgical procedure involves creating a small incision over the tendon attachment to release the tendon from its attachment to the bone. This will cause the tendon to move back and heal to the surrounding tissues. This will then provide relief to the groin pain because the injured tendon is no longer adhered to the bone.

After surgery and the allotted healing time, rehabilitation is always next in line. Rehabilitation is necessary to regain the strength of the muscles that was put to rest for a long period of time due to surgery and healing period.

Other Groin Pain Surgeries

Hernia, varicocele, and radical orchiectomy are other surgeries for conditions associated with groin pain. These 3 surgical procedures are done by means of an incision in the groin (inguinal).

Success Rates of Surgeries For Groin Pain

Most cases of surgeries related with groin pain have high success rates. Depending on the post-operative procedures, patients should follow doctor’s orders so as to prevent the occurrence of negative complications. Proper care should be observed in the task of preventing the development of infection that might aggravate the condition instead of treating it.

Possible Risks for Groin Surgeries

Just like any other type of surgical procedures, surgeries related to groin pain also comes with some risks. Although very rare, proper medical and personal precautions should be implemented to prevent other problems. In rare cases, the spermatic cord of male patients are placed extra attention to because it is very close to the area of incision in most surgeries for groin. Pain after surgery is minimal and can be reduced by pain relievers in various forms.