Common Causes of Groin Pain

groin pain is one of the most common complaints of many athletes involved in sports requiring a lot of foot work. However, there are also cases wherein causes of groin pain are not related to any type of work. This article will try to uncover some of the most common causes of this type of pain.

Hip Joint Problem a Cause of Groin Pain

Most of the time, pain in the groin may suggest of a problem in the hip joint. In this case, groin pain is accompanied by hip pain that may transcend to the upper thighs. This can be caused by restricted blood flow in the certain portion of this body part. In general, accurate diagnosis by a physician is highly valuable so as to identify the real cause of groin pain. This will serve as the proper guideline in the application of proper treatment for a certain condition.

Doctors have a technique to distinguish if the groin pain is caused by a problem in the hip joint. The patient is asked to lie down while an examiner moves the hip joint in various motions. If the pain is felt as the movement is executed, then the cause of the groin pain is a problem in the hip joint. If no pain is felt during the entirety of the movement, most probably the pain is due to other causes of groin pain.

Other Causes of Groin Pain

Inguinal Hernia

This is the most common type of hernia. It is most common in men than in women due to the weakness of the inguinal canal as the testicles descend into the scrotum before birth. In this condition, the loop of intestine goes through the inguinal canal in the groin area. This causes sharp and intense pain combined with tenderness felt in the groin area especially when you are lifting or bending. There is a presence of a lump in this area that is not felt when lying down.

Sports Hernia

Groin pain can also be caused by a condition known as sports hernia. It is similar to inguinal hernia; however no lumps are present in this type of hernia. Symptoms may start as slight gradually increasing in intensity when running and bending forward. This is one of the most common complaints of hockey players.

Groin Strain

Most common in soccer and football players, sprinters, and swimmers; a groin strain also referred to, as groin pull is an injury to the upper thigh muscles. In this condition, the adductor muscle groups, which are connected from the inner part of the pelvis to the inner thighbone, are the ones involved. These muscles are responsible for pulling the legs together as well as with other hip joint motions.

In description, too far stretching of the adductor muscle causing either a partial or complete tear in the muscle fibers causes groin strain.

Lower Back Problems

Pinched nerves in the lower portion of the back also causes groin pain. Symptoms of this condition almost always resemble those felt when you have groin strain such as walking difficulties, pain aggravated when sitting and while at rest especially during nighttime.

In general, conservative measures are initially applied to ease the symptoms of groin pain. This is done until proper diagnosis is concluded with regards to the real causes of groin pain.