Exercises for Groin Pain Rehabilitation

Groin pain caused by muscle strain or muscle pull is one of the most common among athletes including sprinters, football players, swimmers, and hockey players. While this can result unexpectedly, it is best that athletes follow exercises of groin pain to ensure that muscles are properly warmed up before going through more strenuous undertakings.

The groin is a complex area composed of muscles of the bottom of the abdomen, inner thighs and the pelvis. This makes the diagnosis of groin very challenging. Treatment basically depends on the real cause of the groin pain. For sports-acquired injury conservative measures might be applicable especially for slight injuries alone. However, surgery might be necessary in more complicated conditions with rehabilitation treatment programs after the healing period.

Warm up exercises like simple stretching is the simplest yet under utilized exercise for groin pain. For example, if you are a runner the idea is to jog a little while then slowly include some slight kicks and few sprints to properly condition the muscles. Calisthenics combined with flexibility exercises will help prepare the muscles before moving on further to more hard tasks.

Rehabilitation treatment programs consist of exercises of groin pain injuries for the purpose of regenerating and restoring the proper conditioning of the muscles. This sample program consists of two phases in varying week durations.

Phase 1 Exercise for Groin Pain Injuries

This phase of the program consists of simple and dynamic exercises. It should be conducted and followed thrice per week for two weeks. The fundamental objective of this program phase is conditioning the adductors to be active again.

  • Static Adductor Exercise
    In a supine position with the legs straight, hold a soccer ball in between the feet. Try to squeeze the ball with the use of your adductor muscles. Hold for thirty seconds. Release. This should be repeated for at least 10 times.
  • Perform three sets of ten to twenty ab curls.
  • With the ball between your knees in the supine position, crunch shoulders and knees together from the stomach. Repeat 3 sets of ten.
  • Perform five minutes of wobble board balanced work.
  • With the use of a slide board, perform gentle movements while keeping the feet fully touching the ground.

Phase 2 Exercises for Groin Pain Injuries

This phase of the exercise program should be done thrice per week for 10 weeks. It includes the following exercises:

  • Side Lying Adduction
    Lie on your side with the top leg bent and the bottom leg straight. Slowly lift bottom heel upwards.
  • Side Lying Abduction
    Lie on your side with the top leg straight, bottom leg bent. Slowly lift to heel upwards.
  • Gluteal Leg Raise
    Stand with hips touching physio couch. Lean forward until the hips are flexed to a 90-degree pattern then lift your legs off the floor until you reach full extension of the hips.
  • Pulley Assisted Standing Adduction
    This is done with the aid of a leg pulley machine. Attach the cable pulley to the ankle then continue with the adduction movement.
  • Single Leg Squats
  • Fitter Machine assisted balance work
  • Slideboard Skating should be performed in five sets. One minute per skating set.

All exercises for groin pain injuries are fundamentally aimed at strengthening and restoring the proper condition of the adductor muscles associated with chronic groin pain. Proper execution combined with the will to regain strength in performance is essential to the efficacy of each program.